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If the setting "Force reason" is enabled, the argument <Reason> is not optional anymore.

Ban user

ban <User> [<Reason>] [forceban]

If forceban is used, the bot won't check if the user is already banned.

Unban user

unban <User> [<Reason>]

List banned or muted users

banlist [<User>]

Show modlogs of a user

modlogs <User>

Kick user

kick <User> [<Reason>]

Lock a channel or the whole server

lock on|off

Delete up to 99 messages

purge <Amount> [<Filter>] [pinned]

<Filter> can be one of the following:

  • <User>: Deletes all messages from a user
  • bot: Deletes all messages from bots
  • nobot: Deletes all messages from humans
  • embed: Deletes all messages with embeds
  • file: Deletes all messages with attachments
  • mention: Deletes all messages with mentions
  • link: Deletes all messages with links
  • emoji: Deletes all messages with emojis
  • contains <Text>: Deletes all messages that contain a certain text
  • notcontains <Text>: Deletes all messages that not contain a certain text

If you include pinned, pinned messages will be deleted too.

Let the bot send a custom message

say <Message> embed [<Channel>]

You can also use attachments, e.g. images.

Change the slowmode of the current channel

slowmode <Amount in seconds>

Mute a user

mute <User> <Time> <Reason>

Unmute a user

unmute <User> [<Reason>]

Warn a user

warn <User> <Reason>

Mass actions

Ban users

mass ban <Reason> <List of users>

Kick users

mass kick <Reason> <List of users>


Enforce reason

Enforces a reason for moderation actions.

Presets for moderation reasons

You can create presets for moderation reasons to allow the use of shortcuts for longer reasons.

  • Example:
    • name: "r1"
    • value: "You violated rule 1: Advertising is forbidden!"