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Ticket commands

Create ticket

ticket [<Reason>]

Instead of a reason moderators and admins can also specify a user for whom the ticket should be created.

Add a user or role to the current ticket

add <User|Role>

Remove a user or role from the current ticket

remove <User|Role>

Close ticket

close [<Reason>]

This will send the user a DM if this setting is enabled in the dashboard.

Delete ticket


In order to delete a ticket you need one of the ticket manager roles or the "Manage Guild" permission.


  • claim: Claims the current ticket.
  • claim <Other user>: Transfers the current ticket to the other user.

Reopen a closed ticket


Save transcript


Show tickets & transcripts

tickets [<User>] [<Filter>]

Create a ticketembed

Prepares a ticket embed. You can add more buttons for different ticket categories.

ticketembed [<Title> <Description> <Button text>]