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TomatenKuchen setup

German docs

Du verstehst Deutsch? Dann verwende die deutsche Version dieser Docs.

TomatenKuchen is a fully free multipurpose Discord app which can be used on all kind of Discord servers.

Invite TomatenKuchen

You can invite the app using the invite link.

You'll automatically be logged in into the dashboard which allows you to modify server settings.

Support server

If you need help with something, let it be an error, a setting or other setup - the members on our Support server will be happy to help you with that.


In the dashboard all settings can be changed.

The most important settings are explained on the page General settings.

Every setting has a direct link to its documentation. If you still need help, please ask on our support server!

Command syntax

Commands are always displayed as command-name <Required argument> Required|argument|with|options [<Optional argument>] <...Argument which allows spaces>.


Make sure to omit the brackets when using arguments, they are only used for highlighting.

Slash commands use a different syntax, however to options displayed on Discord are usually self-explanatory.