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Bot setup

German docs

Du verstehst Deutsch? Dann verwende die deutsche Version dieser Docs.

You can change the language of the docs anytime using the navbar.

Invite TomatenKuchen

You can invite the bot using this invite link. You'll automatically be logged in into the dashboard which allows you to modify server settings. These settings include the language and prefixes in addition to slash commands.

Changing important settings

The bot language is set to the server language by to default, but you can change it manually. You can set up to ten message prefixes, but you can also delete all of them if you want to disable message commands completely.

The timezone configures when birthday messages are sent. You can see your current timezone on or select a fitting one from the Wikipedia list.

You can also configure whether the bot should delete message commands or not.

You have to enter an "ID"?

To copy an ID right click the message, the user, the channel or the server. If there's no option to copy the ID, make sure you have the developer mode enabled. To do that, follow the tutorial by Discord.