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Autoupdate ("automatically updating messages") are messages which auto update every 10 minutes. You can use them to display statistics in messages or to create a birthday calendar.

Autoupdate example message, showing the server leaderboard, AFK users and birthdays

Possible arguments

All variables ignore the name casing.

  • {members}: Member count
  • {members.humans}: Non-app count
  • {members.bots}: App count
  • {emojis}: Emoji amount
  • {stickers}: Sticker amount
  • {roles}: Role amount
  • {boosts}: Server boost amount
  • {channels}: Channel amount
  • {voiceChannels}: Voice channel amount
  • {textChannels}: Amount of text based channels
  • {categories}: Category amount
  • {leaderboard}: Shows the top 15 of the server leaderboard
  • {boosters}: Lists all boosters of the server
  • {afk}: List of users marked as AFK
  • {birthday}: List of all users with a public birthday and all fictive birthdays of the server
  • {events}: List of up to 15 upcoming scheduled server events