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Auto- & Rejoinroles and Autonickname


Autoroles are roles which are given to joining users and bots automatically. You can select different roles for users and bots.

Delayed autoroles

Using the delayed user autoroles setting, you can set a delay of up to half a year to delay giving the auto roles to the newly joined user.


Rejoinroles allow you to assign the configured roles back to users if they left your server while this setting was active, and they rejoin the server.


The bot needs the "Manage Roles" permission to assign the roles.

Additionally, the highest role of the bot must be above the highest role you want to reassign.

Nickname on join

You can set a nickname which members receive when joining as default.

The following case-insensitive variables can be used:

  • {username}: The username of the user
  • {globalName}: The global display name

If you're looking for configurable nicknames using roles, check auto nickname.