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Level & Leaderboard


Show leaderboard

The command leaderboard shows the leaderboard of the server.

This command also links to the leaderboard website of the server. The URL automatically changes if the server has a vanity URL set.

Leaderboard command

Displays points of a user

The command rank shows the current points and the level progress of a user.

The image background can be changed using the command usersettings.

Rank command


Level message and level roles

Sets level messages and assigns a role to them.

You can set a message and a role for every level. If no setting is found for a level, TomatenKuchen uses the lowest available.

Possible variables:

  • {usermention}: Mention of the user
  • {username}: Username
  • {globalname}: Global display name
  • {displayname}: Display name
  • {oldlevel}: Old level
  • {newlevel}: New/current level

Stackable level roles

Toggles if user keep level roles they had before or if they only keep the highest one.

Channel for level messages

Selects the channel in which level up messages are send. You can either select a channel or "Current channel" to send the message in the current channel.

Exclude channels and roles

Select roles, channels or groups of channels which are excluded from collecting level points, e.g. bot-spam channels.

Multiplier per channel

Sets a multiplier per channel. Can e.g. be used to reduce the amount given in bot channels and increase the points in VIP/Booster/... channels.


Changes the cooldown in which users cannot earn points. Can be used to reduce spam.

If all messages from users should be counted set the value to 0.

Vanity URL

Modifies the leaderboard vanity URL of the server. This applies to and