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Using TomatenKuchen you can create online forms for all kind of purposes fast and easy.

Forms example


Forms are created and managed using the command form.

Settings per form

Each form can have these settings individually configured:

  • Title which is shown above the form
  • Slug which is used in the URL. The slug is easier to remember than the randomly generated ID.
  • Whether only users of the server can submit the form or everyone with the URL
  • Whether responses are sent anonymously. Note that the user has to login regardless of this setting, if enabled it just won't display the user info on Discord.
  • Whether the bot creates a thread on the submission message for discussion
  • Whether a user can send one or multiple responses
  • How long a user has to wait between responses (Default: five minutes)

Field types

There are multiple field types which can be changed when editing a field. Depending on the type there are additional settings.

  • Single line text field
  • Multi line text field
  • Password field
  • Number field
  • Range selection for a number
  • Selection out of a list of options
  • One or multiple checkboxes
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Color picker