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Using TomatenKuchen you can create online forms for all kind of purposes fast and easy.

Forms example

Creating a form

/form add slug:URL slug title:Form title

Editing a form

/form edit id:ID or URL slug

Settings per form

Each form can have these settings individually configured:

  • Title which is shown above the form
  • Slug which is used in the URL. The slug is easier to remember than the randomly generated ID.
  • Whether only users of the server can submit the form or everyone with the URL
  • Whether responses are sent anonymously. Note that the user has to login regardless of this setting, if enabled it just won't display the user info on Discord.
  • Whether the bot creates a thread on the submission message for discussion
  • Whether a user can send one or multiple responses
  • How long a user has to wait between responses (Default: five minutes)

Field types

There are multiple field types which can be changed when editing a field.

Depending on the type there are additional settings. All of them are able to have a default value set.

  • Single & multi line text & password field
    • Min length
    • Max length
  • Number & range selection for a number
    • Min value
    • Max value
    • Step between values
  • Selection & checkboxes
    • Min selections
    • Max selections
    • List of options
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Color picker