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Private voicechannels

As soon as a user enters the channel selected in the dashboard, a new private voice channel is created. The permissions for this channel can be set with the permission command.


You can set different voice channels in the dashboard, and select for each of them a category for the channel to be created in. The name can be configured too using the user- or nickname and/or an incrementing ID.



Allow everyone to join and speak in your private channel.

permission open


Remove private channel permissions from everyone but you. Users who joined before can stay and still speak in the voice channel, but cannot rejoin.

permission close

Kick all users

Kick everyone out of your voice channel except you.

permission reset

Add user

Allow the specified user to join your voice channel.

permission add <User>

Alternatively, you can use the select menu in your private channel.

Remove user

Kicks the specified user from your voice channel and remove their permissions to rejoin.

permission remove <User>

Add a moderator

Moderators can, like the owner, use all private channel commands. They also have Stream permissions.

permission addmod <User>

Remove a moderator

permission removemod <User>

Set the user limit

Limit how many users can join your voice channel.

permission setlimit <Limit>