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Voice notify

By using the voice notify settings, you can send a message once someone joins selected voice channels.

Notify channels

Here you can add voice channels and modify the message for each of them.


This message is sent once a member joins the configured voice channel.

Possible variables (case-insensitive):

  • {username}: The name of the user
  • {globalName}: The global nickname of the user
  • {userMention}: The user mention
  • {userAvatar}: The avatar url of the user
  • {displayName}: The display name of the user
  • {channel}: The channel name of the channel which the user joined
  • {channelMention}: The channel mention
  • {serverName}: The server name
  • {serverIcon}: The server icon

Message channel

The set message above will be send to this channel.

Delete message after

You can set a time after which the notify message should get deleted automatically. This is disabled by default.


This setting changes the cooldown in which no join notification is sent. It can be used to reduce ping spam.

  • user changes the cooldown per user: Once a user triggers a message, they won't trigger another message until the cooldown is over, regardless of which voice channel they join. Default: three minutes (3m)
  • channel changes the cooldown per channel: Once a user triggers a message in a channel, the channel won't send another message until the cooldown runs out - regardless of which user joins. Default: one minute (1m)

The minimum value for both settings is 15 seconds.