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Shorter command is a simple URL shortener made by the same developer as TomatenKuchen.

Following URL redirects

The command shorter follow <URL> follows redirects of the given URL and lists them.

Statistics of the domain

Using the command shorter stats you can view statistics of the domain, e.g. the amount of views and the most used browsers.

These statistics are collected anonmously by Cloudflare, itself doesn't collect any data.

Creating a short URL

shorter create <URL> [<Name>] creates a short URL with the given name.

If you don't enter a name, it'll generate a few random characters.

If created successfully, the bot responds with the generated short URL, like, and a QR code for easier sharing.

To share the QR code as image link you can add "qr/" to the link, e.g.

Bundbot shorter QR code