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Rock paper scissors

Play rock paper scissors against a user or the bot.

/game scheresteinpapier [user:Opponent]


Play tic tac toe with another user or an algorithm of TomatenKuchen.

/game tictactoe [user:Opponent]


Let other members guess your text before the stickman is dead.

Note that only 25 characters are possible ("A" to "X" and "Z"). Y as well as numbers and other special characters are removed from the input.

/game hangman text:Text

Connect Four

Play Connect Four against a user.

/game connectfour user:Opponent [fieldsize:Field size]


/game snake

Currently running snake game on Discord, with buttons to control the snake


Play the quite popular card game with other users.

/game uno

Chemical equations

Gives you a random chemistry equation that must be balanced using factors.

/game chemistry [difficulty:easy|normal|hard]

Chemistry command with a random equation


Displays a grid of letters in which words are hidden. The words can be distributed vertically, horizontally and diagonally in all directions.

The goal is to uncover all hidden words.

/game wordsearch