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suggest [<Text> <Image>]

Makes a new suggestion. The same can be achieved by sending a message in the suggestion channel.

The command suggest top lists the most voted suggestions.

approve <ID> [<Reason>] and deny <ID> [<Reason>]

Approves or denies a suggestion. Depending on the mode it removes the reactions or buttons of the message, which means that the votes cannot be changed anymore.

reply <ID> [<Text>]

Replies to a suggestion.

editsuggest <ID> [<New text>]

Edits one of your suggestions or, if you have the permission "Manage messages", also the suggestions of other users.


Suggestion channels


In this channel new suggestions will be sent. In most cases using this setting is what you want.

approved and denied

Approved and denied suggestions will be sent to these channels.


Replied suggestions will be sent to this channel.


Users cannot vote on a suggestion if this channel is set and the suggestion is replied to using the reply command.


Sets a channel in which new suggestions are collected to be allowed by moderators. All users which have access to the channel can accept or deny them.

Buttons or reactions

You can select if users vote using buttons or reactions. Buttons have the advantage that users can vote only once.

Enforce reason

Enforce a reason for suggestion actions, e.g. when approving or denying. Disabled by default.

Reason presets

Like with moderation reasons you can create preset reasons.