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Text translation

TomatenKuchen is able to translate text using Google Translate into over 100 languages.


Using the command translate you're able to translate a word, a sentence or a whole text into the given target language.

Translation quality

The longer a sentence is, the better the translation gets.

Integration: Automatic translation

Using the integration autotranslate messages in a configured channel can be translated automatically.

  1. Add the integration to your server
    1. Open the above link
    2. Select your server
    3. Click on "Use integration"
  2. Scroll down until you can see the field "Channel ID". Enter the channel ID there from which channel messages should be translated automatically. You can get the channel ID e.g. using the command channelinfo.
  3. Enter the target language.
    • The target language is a unique, two-letter code for a language
    • e.g. en for English or de for German
    • You can also find the language code when using the /translate slashcommand
  4. Click on "Create integration" - done!
Two-way translation

It's also possible to detect the language of a text and depending on that, translate the text into a different language.

This can be used to have e.g. an English and a Spanish channel combined, with the bot translating Spanish messages into English, and English messages into Spanish.

Integration: Translation by reacting with a flag

Using the integration flag-reaction-translate messages can be translated by reacting to a message with the flag of a country mainly speaking the target language.

  1. Add the integration to your server
  2. Ensre the bot has all required permissions in the channel you want to use it in.
  3. Click on "Create integration" - done!