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Birthday messages are sent daily in the set server timezone at 0 o'clock (midnight).

Real users

Set/edit birthday

Every user can set their global birthday using birthday set <Day> <Month> [<Year>] [public].

The year is optional, if used the birthday messages and auto updating messages can use the variable {age}, which displays the new age. If the age is not set, the age variable is left empty.

Using the public option you can toggle whether the birthday is shown on the user command and the {birthday} argument for autoupdating messages. This doesn't affect birthday announcements.

  • birthday set 29 2 2000 public
    • Sets a public birthday which is announced every year on 02/29. If the year is not a leap year, the message will appear on 03/01.
  • birthday set 1 4
    • Sets a not public birthday which is announced every year on 04/01.

Delete birthday

/birthday delete

This command deletes your current birthday.

Fictive birthdays

Fictive birthdays are per server and can be configured by server moderators.

Creating or updating

/birthday setfictive name:Name day:Day month:Month [year:Year]

Fictive birthdays must have a name set to identify them. Using this name birthday messages are created - the arguments stay the same, the bot automatically changes them to fit - and {birthday} generated.

  • birthday setfictive Minecraft 17 5 2009
  • birthday setfictive 🎇Sylvester🎆 31 12


/birthday delete name:Name



Configure the message that is sent once the date today is a real or a fictive user's birthday.

Delete birthday message after

This setting allows you to enter a relative time to delete the birthday announcement message after, for example 1d for one day.


Birthdays are announced in the selected channel.


Select a role which users receive on their birthday for 24 hours.