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Thread time action

The thread time action setting allows setting a thread-compatible channel to execute the configured action on its thread.

Multiple actions can be defined for a single channel, however only one per action type.

Action types

  • close: Closes/Archives the thread. This is not the same as the Discord in-built setting which only hides the thread, but doesn't close it.
  • lock: Locks the thread, making non-moderators unable to e.g. send messages or add reactions.
  • closelock: Close and locks the thread.
  • delete: Deletes the thread after the configured time.
  • addLabel:<List of labels separated by ",">: Adds the given label(s). Only works if the channel is a forum/media channel. Note that you have to specify the tag ID, not the name.
  • removeLabel:<List of labels separated by ",">: Removes the given label(s). See above.