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TomatenKuchen provides feature rich logging about most actions that apps on Discord can capture.

Note that for most logs, the app needs the "View Audit Log" permission.

Log channels with categories

Logs are grouped into different categories. For each category you can select a channel in which the logs should be sent to. The categories are:

  • messageUpdate: Message of a user edited
  • messageDelete: Message of a user deleted
  • channelThread: Channel or thread created/edited/deleted
  • emojiSticker: Emoji or sticker created/edited/deleted
  • guild: Other server changes, e.g. name or icon
  • event: Scheduled event created/edited/deleted
  • user: User changed the global username, display name or avatar
  • member: Other user changes, e.g. name, avatar or roles
  • timeout: User timeouted or untimeouted/timeout ended
  • kick: User kick
  • ban: User banned or unbanned
  • voice: Actions in voice channels

Channels from which logs are ignored

You can select channels here of which logs won't be shown.

This also applies to children of channels, e.g. a channel within a selected category or a thread within a selected channel.