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Role command

This page explains the subcommands of the role command and explains their features.


Lists all roles on the server and optionally filters them.

  • filter: The filter(s) to apply on all roles: -managed/-unmanaged: Whether the role has been created manually and is fully editable, or is managed by a Discord integration, e.g. a bot. -withmembers/-withoutmembers: Whether there's at least one (cached) member on the server with the role. -hoisted/-unhoisted: Whether the role is displayed separately in the member list. -mentionable/-unmentionable: Whether the role is mentionable by default. -startswith=<Name>/-endswith=<Name>: Whether the role name starts or ends with this text. -includes=<Name>/-notincludes=<Name>: Whether the role name includes this text (casing is ignored).


Displays information about the given role.

  • role: The role to show information about.


Lists all roles with a specific permission.

  • permission*: The permission to filter


/role clone role:Role

Copies the given role including its permissions.

Permission overwrites of the role aren't copied.


/role clearpermissions role:Role

Removes all permissions of a role.

Permission overwrites aren't removed, therefore this command's feature mostly equals the button "Reset permissions" in the Discord server role list.


Adds a role to a member.

If no time is given, the user keeps the role forever.

  • role*: The role to add
  • user*: The user to add the role to
  • time: The time how long the user should keep the role


Removes a role from a member.

If no time was given the user loses the role forever.

  • role*: The role to remove
  • user*: The user to remove the role from
  • time: The time after which the user gets the role back


Adds a role to all members.

See the mass action docs page for more information.


Removes a role from all members.

See the mass action docs page for more information.


Randomly selects the given amount of users which have the given role.

  • role*: The role
  • amount: The amount of users to return, one by default