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Vote announcements

By using the vote announcements you can send a custom message once someone votes for your server or bot.

Vote announcements


Use the commands leaderboard servervote or leaderboard botvote to get a ranking showing which users voted the most often.



Select the channel in which the vote messages will be sent.


You can customize the server and bot vote message here.

You can use the following variables (casing is ignored):

  • {userMention}: Mention of the user who voted
  • {userId}: ID of the voting user
  • {username}: Username of the voting user
  • {globalName}: Global nickname of the voting user
  • {userAvatar}: Avatar URL of the voting user
  • {domain}: The name of the server (the domain) the user voted on
  • {url}: URL of the bot or server page
  • {voteUrl}: Direct vote link of the bot or server

Vote role

Here you can select a role users will receive after voting, and how long they'll keep it.

Users receive this role automatically after voting on a page. It will be automatically removed after the set time.