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/partnership add channel:Partner channel message:Message editor code [name:Partner name partnermanager:Manager]

Adds a partner.

By choosing a channel, the partner automatically receives the configured category.

If all inputs are correct, the bot automatically sends the message into the partner channel. If you don't want that, simply send the message into the channel by yourself or ask the partner manager to do so.


/partnership list

Lists all partners and allows you to edit them.


/partnership check [time:Last check time category:Partner category]

Lists partners which haven't been checked since the given time, or never before at all.

This e.g. allows you to ensure a partner or affiliate keeps your advertising in the correct spot.


/leaderboard partners

The leaderboard shows the users with the most partnerships in the given time frame.


Partner channels

Every partner channel can be assigned a category which is assigned to the partners within that channel by default. Using this category, partners can be filtered. Categories can be assigned multiple times.

You can also configure which partner manager or user the partner is assigned when a message is sent into the channel. When using the command the partner manager can be set manually.