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Syncing logs & bans

General setup

You can obtain the server ID either through Discord's developer mode, by using the server command, or from the URL on the server settings page in the dashboard.

Once you've used the command with the server ID, you will receive a code that you have to enter on the other server using sync verify <Code>. From that point on, the logs received from the first server will be sent to the second server.

To stop the synchronization, use the command sync stop on the server where the synchronization has been set up.


With the bot's logsync feature, you can send the logs from one server to another, for example, to send logs from a main server to a team internal server.

This affects all types of logs. Note that if the target server hasn't selected a log channel in their settings, that specific log type won't be recorded there.

/sync logs guild:Server ID


Bans and unbans can also be synced using the bot. Unlike logs, bans can be synced to and from multiple servers simultaneously.

/sync bans guild:Server ID bans:True|False unbans:True|False

The bans and unbans options control whether users should be banned and unbanned, respectively.

For example, if you only want to sync new bans, choose "True" for bans and "False" for unbans.