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You can find a list of all functions on the functions page

Integrations are pretty much customcommands 2.0 - you can still reply to message and slash commands, but you can also use many more triggers for actions. It is additionally possible to use created integrations on other servers.

Integrations can be managed in the dashboard.

Possible triggers

  • Message and slash commands
    • Argument: Slash command description, if empty disables slash cmd
  • Message content contains
    • Argument: Text content to search for
  • Message content matches RegEx
  • Button press
    • Argument: Button custom ID
  • Select menu select
    • Argument: Select menu custom ID
  • Modal submit
    • Argument: Modal custom ID
  • Discord AutoMod triggered (e.g. for custom punishments when triggering a specific rule)
    • Argument (optional): ID of a rule
  • Slash command uses of another bot (e.g. for /bump reminders)
    • Argument: Slashcommand name of another bot
  • Member join/leave
    • Argument: join, leave oder all/empty
  • Reaction add/remove
    • Argument: add, remove oder all/empty
  • Role created/deleted
    • Argument: create, delete oder all/empty
  • Channel created/deleted
    • Argument: create, delete oder all/empty
  • Webhook created/deleted
    • Argument: create, delete oder all/empty
  • Thread (or post) created/deleted
    • Argument: create, delete oder all/empty
  • Nickname updated
  • Server boost/boostend
    • Argument: boost, boostend oder all/empty
  • Interval
    • Argument: Interval time like 45m, may have random offsets after bot restarts, min 5 mins, max 2 days
  • Cronjob
  • User joins/leave voice channel
    • Argument: join, leave oder all/empty
  • User timeouted or untimeouted
    • Argument: timeout, timeoutend oder all/empty
  • Discord system message

Synchronisation modes

There are different syncing modes that can be selected when importing an integration onto another server:

No syncing

Disables synchronisation and removes all mentions of the original source of the current integration.

Manual syncing

Changes can be synced using a button in the dashboard. Contents can be edited but will be replaced when syncing.

Automatic syncing

Syncs all changes on the original automatically when it gets edited. Is suggested to be used when you trust the owner or server of the integration. Contents cannot be edited.

Safe syncing

A mixture of manual and automatic syncing. Contents cannot be edited. On changes either - like the manual syncing - a teamler of the server has to approve them, or a TomatenKuchen staff member. Using this combination, changes can be approved faster.


These integrations were created by our team or are verified by them.

Weather integration example

RegEx cheatsheet

.Any character except newlinea.b matches "axb"
\dDigit (0-9)\d{2} matches "42"
\wWord char (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _)\w+ matches "bot_1"
\sWhitespace charactera\sb matches "a b"
[abc]Any character in set[aeiou] matches "i"
[^abc]Any character NOT in set[^aeiou] matches "b"
a*0 or more occurrences of aa* matches "aaa"
a+1 or more occurrences of aa+ matches "aa"
a?0 or 1 occurrence of aa? matches "a"
a{3}Exactly 3 occurrences of aa{3} matches "aaa"
a{3,}3 or more occurrences of aa{3,} matches "aaaa"
a{3,5}3 to 5 occurrences of aa{3,5} matches "aaa"
^Start of string^abc matches "abcxyz"
$End of stringxyz$ matches "abcxyz"
\bWord boundary\bword\b matches "word"
(...)Capturing group(abc) matches "abc"