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Birthdays are sent daily in the set server timezone at 0 o'clock.

Real users

Set/edit birthday

Every user can set their global birthday using birthday set <Tag> <Month> [<Year>] [public].

Das Jahr ist optional, wenn angegeben ist bei Geburtstagsnachrichten und automatisch updatenden Nachrichten der Parameter {age} verfügbar, womit das neue Alter angezeigt werden kann. Wenn das Jahr nicht angegeben wird ist der Alters-Parameter leer.

Using the public option you can toggle whether the birthday is shown on the user command and the {birthday} argument for autoupdating messages. Birthday announcements aren't affected by that.

  • birthday set 29 2 2000 public
    • Sets a publich birthday which is announced every year on 02/29. If the year is not a leap year, the message will appear on 03/01.
  • birthday set 1 4

Delete birthday

If you want to delete your birthday, use the command birthday delete.

Fictive birthdays

Fictive birthdays are per server and can be configured by server moderators.


birthday setfictive <Name> <Day> <Month> [<Year>] Fictive birthdays must have a name set to identify them. Using this name birthday messages are created - the arguments stay the same, the bot automatically changes them to fit - and {birthday} generated.

  • birthday setfictive Minecraft 17 5 2009
  • birthday setfictive 🎇Sylvester🎆 31 12


birthday deletefictive <Name>



Configure the message that is sent once it's a real or a fictive users birthday.


Select the channel in which birthdays are announced.


Select a role which users receive on their birthday for 24 hours.