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To manage giveaways you need one of the giveaway roles set in the dashboard or the "Manage Guild" permission.



Interactive giveaway setup.

giveaway start


Button under the giveaway

Reroll winners

giveaway reroll <message ID>


giveway end <message ID>


giveway delete <message ID>

List giveaways

giveway list


Role for creating/managing giveaways

Users with this role can create, edit and delete giveaways.

Roles which can't join giveaways

Users with this role cannot participate in giveaways. This setting applies, unlike the notroles requirement, to all giveaways.


You can add different requirements for participating in a giveaway.

Possible requirements:

  • roles: Requires all of these roles for participating
    • roles:123456789123456789
    • roles:123456789123456789,987654321987654321
  • anyRoles: Requires any of these roles for participating
  • notRoles: The user must not have any roles to be able to participate
  • minAge: The account of the user must be at least this time old
    • minAge:3mo
    • minAge:1 week 2 days
  • minMemberAge: The user must be on the server for this time
  • minLeaderboardPoints: The user must have at least this amount of leaderboard points
    • minLeaderboardPoints:1000