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Beta version

Custom bots are still in beta and may contain errors. However, everyone may test the beta version by joining the Discord server.

You can find the prices of upgrades on the Custom bot info page.

The following upgrades can be enabled and configured in the Dashboard:

  • Status
    • If enabled, you can freely change the bot status, including the text, the activity (Playing/Custom/…), and the status (Online/Idle/Do not disturb/Offline).
    • If "Streaming" is selected, the status text must include a streamer link. On Discord, the link is displayed as a preview of the stream instead of being shown in the text. If the streamer is not live, the link redirects to the streamer's channel.
  • Responding to other bots
    • If enabled, the bot reacts to other bots. Depending on the amount of messages that have to be processed by these bots, the daily credit price increases. Bots may not be able to execute all actions or commands. Also note that bots have a higher command cooldown.