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Twitch module for e.g. livestreams

The Twitch module has several options for sending messages on changes of a streamer.

Note that you have to authorize yourself first in the settings to be able to use the Twitch module.


Twitch user info

/twitch channel:Streamer name

Using the Twitch command you can get information about a Twitch user and a currently running livestream.


Twitch messages

You can set the username, the channel, the trigger and the message which is sent to the selected channel once the trigger is triggered.

Possible arguments

  • {username}: The username
  • {link}: The channel URL

Possible triggers

  • Triggered when the streamer starts it's livestream (default)
  • stream.offline: When the streamer stops it's livestream
  • When the channel is raided

You can create up to 10 elements per server, which equals 10 different streamers with a live notification each.


  • Channel (channel): Select a channel into which the live message should be sent
  • Trigger (trigger): When a message on stream start should be sent:
  • Twitch username (username): The username of the streamer from the URL, e.g. monstercat
  • Message content (content): 🔴 The streamer {username} is live!