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With this bot, you can manage your Pterodactyl ( panel servers from Discord.


/setup <Panel URL main/server list url> <API Key> [<Alias>] [default]

The panel main URL is the URL of the homepage of the panel, as such without parameters like server/12345678 at the end.

URL example

URL of a server: https://panel.ptero/server/12345678 URL you have to enter: https://panel.ptero/

The bot supports HTTP as well as HTTPS panels - just make sure that the panels require a valid certificate when using HTTPS. If you don't have that, use HTTP without SSL.

An "alias" refers to a single panel. With aliases you can use multiple Pterodactyl panels at the same time. If you don't use an alias, the bot will auto generate one for you.

How to use (/manage):

The bot can also run quick actions on the server:

/console and /command

Those commands can be used to view the server console of a server and running commands on them. Note that a server has to be online to be able to execute commands on it.