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Setup / Features

With this bot, you can manage your Pterodactyl ( panel servers from Discord.


Setup command on Discord including the syntax

/setup <Panel url> <API key> [<Alias name>]

The bot supports both HTTP and HTTPS panels. Just make sure that panels using HTTPS require a valid certificate. If you don't have a valid certificate, use HTTP without SSL.

An "alias" refers to a single panel. With aliases, you can use multiple Pterodactyl panels at the same time. If you don't provide an alias, the bot will auto-generate one for you.

How to use (/manage)

Autocomplete shown when using the manage command after setting up a panel

Discord message with an embed including information about the server, e.g. its status, memory usage and uptime, and buttons to control it

Quick actions

The bot also supports running quick actions on the server:

Output when using the &quot;Create a backup&quot; action

Currently, the following actions are supported:

  • Create a backup
  • Show all backups of the server, including a one-time download link
  • Delayed server restart (after 20 seconds)

/console and /command

These commands can be used to view the server console and run commands on a server. Note that the server must be online in order to execute commands on it.