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If the setting "Enforce reason" is enabled, the argument "Reason" is not optional anymore.

Ban user

/ban user:User [time:Temp ban time] [reason:Reason] [forceban:Forceban user?]

If forceban is used, the bot won't check if the user is already banned.

Unban user

/unban user:User [reason:Reason]

List banned or muted users

/banlist [user:User]

Lists bans and currently timeouted users on the server.

You can optionally specify a user to make the bot display information about the specific action instead, e.g. the ban reason.

View user modlogs

/modlogs [user:User] [moderator:Moderator to filter by]

Shows the modlogs of a user.

You can optionally filter by the moderator which applied the sanction.

Kick user

/kick user:User [reason:Reason]

Kicks a user from the server.

Lock one or multiple channels

/lock lock channels:Channels to lock [reason:Reason]
/lock unlock channels:Channels to unlock [reason:Reason]

Let the bot send a custom message

/say text:Output text [attachment:Attachment]
/embed [input/file:Message input] [channel:Channel]

Change the slowmode of a channel

/slowmode [time:New slowmode]

The "New slowmode" value cannot be longer then 6 hours.

If no time is entered, the current slowmode is returned. Using 0 the slowmode can be disabled.

Mute a user

/mute user:User [time:Mute time] [reason:Reason]

This uses the Discord timeout feature to prevent users from sending DMs, pressing buttons and adding reactions in addition to the normal role-mute behavior.

Unmute a user

/unmute user:User [reason:Reason]

Voice mute a user

/voicemute user:User time:Time [scope:Mute|Deaf|Both] [channels:Voice channels] [reason:Reason]

Mutes or deafs a user in all or only the selected voice channels.

"Scope" allows you to select the action type, possible options are:

  • Mute only
  • Deaf only
  • Mute and deaf

Warn a user

/warn user:User [reason:Reason]

View statistics

/stats moderation